Jessica Paige Band Website Cover

Jessica Paige Band Website Cover

About JPM Sales Partners & Sales Musicology

Sales Musicology™️ is the sound barrier-breaking new method that harnesses the transformative power of music to make your wildest sales fantasies come true.  

Like music, there are various methods that will teach you how to play an instrument.

They all work, but at the end of your method lessons, you have come to the same goal:

You can play an instrument.

But to go from playing an instrument to performing a tear-jerking concerto, or winning a Grammy or Carnegie Hall...

There is a long journey that is the artistry of music. 

So in sales, basic theory will get you average results.  

Sales Musicology focuses on how we can learn from the transformational power of music and apply it to selling to get extraordinary results. 

How can we not only mimic music in our sales conversations...

but incorporate music in our sales conversations?

Think about your favorite song and its power it has to transform your mood in just a few minutes.

How can we replicate that in our sales conversations?

We teach Sales Musicology in our 

  • conservatory-style sales musicology theory training,
  • advanced one-on-one by audition only coaching programs and
  • sales musicologist training

So you can amplify the impact of sales musicology throughout your entire team. 

We focus on:

  • opening up your creativity
  • improving your improvisational skills
  • quieting your inner critic so your genius can shine through
  • getting in the flow whenever you need to
  • being “on” for presentations

and more, so you can give a performance that makes all your wildest sales fantasies come true.

Intrigued? Contact us to schedule your audition for a luxury coaching experience. 



Jessica Magoch, Founder, Coach and Sales Musicologist

Jessica Magoch is an award-winning Jazz composer and sales coach. She is the creator of Sales Musicology™️, the sound-barrier-breaking method that harnesses the transformational power of music to make your wildest sales fantasies come true. She teaches purpose-driven entrepreneurs and salespeople how to go from ordinary to extraordinary in sales by unlocking their rebel artist voice, creativity, flow state, improvisational skills and spirituality in selling. 

She is the winner of the 2019 Philadelphia Music Awards in Jazz and was named One of The Top 50 Women of 2019 by Top 100 Magazine. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting & Philosophy from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, is a Certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher, a Second Degree Black Belt, Angel Investor and 9 Figure Sales Team Leader.  She applied her artistic, philosophical and creative background to launch a startup sales team of commission-only artists from $0-$100M in sales in just three years. 

She is on a mission to create a movement whereby creative entrepreneurs harness the power of music to grow their companies both via the musicality of sales and by leveraging the power of music in sales presentations. 

If it sounds interesting, or even just sounds a little weird, it’s probably exactly what you need to unleash your potential. It’s what no one else is talking about and no one else can teach.

I invite you to join me in a luxury coaching experience and see what’s possible for you.



  • Jessica's sales leadership lead us to explosive growth at Mogul. Her insights dramatically increased our closing rate.
    Tiffany Pham CEO, Mogul. Forbes 30 Under 30, 100 Startups to Watch
  • We're closing 80% of our presentations. I'm glad we took her suggestions.
    Altan Ali CEO, Central FX - Foreign Exchange Specialists
  • Jess helped us triple our closing rates in the first month of working together. I'm just so happy I don't have to worry about sales anymore.
    Brooke Elder CEO Social Tenacity, 7 Figure Business Coach
  • Jessica worked brilliantly with our EDSi fellows for two 2-hour sessions. In those sessions, Jessica covered a wide range of critical information. This included asking our entrepreneurs to consider who the customer really is (as a person), how to build trust and relationship, and how to understand the customer's needs accurately. I think Jess' work was particularly useful because while it touched the strategy of each business, and the financial model of each business, it stayed clearly on the sales (customer acquisition) side. This is both high impact and rare.To help prepare for her work with us, Jess' spent several hours observing the entrepreneurs. Thus, her feedback and insights were rich in context. They were also given with empathy and understanding. It is clear to me from working with her that Jess' has deep knowledge underneath her comments. We drew on that knowledge in a classroom setting, and I believe her contribution would also be immensely useful in 1:1 interaction.
    Leslie Mitts, CEO University of Pennsylvania's EDSI Startup Accelerator
  • Jessica always impressed me as one of strongest sales people I've ever witnessed. Her tenacity, intelligence, professionalism and genuine care of clients could be bottled...the world would be a better place. She was an inspiring role model and made a deep impression among the future sales executives at Atlantis.
    Vicki Bodwell Sr. Director, Sales at RetailMeNot, Inc.
  • Jessica is a great example of a leader! She exemplifies a person of integrity, has exceptional character and is someone that you can trust. I highly recommend her to anyone that is considering working with her. She is truly someone you want to follow!
    Fradel Barber Visionary Entrepreneur, CEO, Transamerica Financial Advisors
  • Jessica embodies the spirit of leadership. Her methods better the livelihoods of her employees and more importantly her clients. She's diligent and stays true to her profession. I will benefit from the lessons she taught me for the rest of my life.
    Michael Halverson Sr. Manager, Ad Operations at xA
  • Jessica is one of the most talented, bright and professional managers I've ever worked with in my 30+ years of experience in the workplace. Jessica has worked hard to hone her skills as a well-rounded professional in managing people, information, and meeting her own sales goals. Not only was she a fair, inspirational and accessible manager, she also set an example as a top producer in sales. Anyone who has the good fortune of working with Jessica will learn a great deal. Jessica practices the golden rule of any exemplary manager, in my opinion, she "sets the stage for her team's success."
    Robin Alexander Independent Licensed Agent Medicare & Health Insurance
  • I worked with Jessica for well over a decade and anybody that knows her knows that she is very creative, passionate, and holds herself with a great deal of integrity which provides her with a tremendous amount of respect at all levels. She is an amazing woman and an asset to any organization!
    Sondra Bradley VP of Sales & Product Training at The IHC Group
  • I have worked with Jessica for 5 years, and watched her build a successful, dynamic professional sales team. She helped her people build their own business to a largely profitable income. Follow her laid out plan for achieving success and watch it happen. She is always striving to help people better themselves and their income.
    Allan Kilimnik Self-employed, Health Insurance Broker
  • Jessica was always an inspiration and a true team leader. She not only encouraged her own team to succeed, but she motivated others by her energetic spirit.
    Maria M. Chachere Sr. HR Business Partner at NFP
  • In June 2014 I was called by Jessica Magoch and her team at JPM Partners shortly after applying for a an Account Executive position I found in an online ad. Jessica and her team were very friendly and told me that JPM Partners would be a third party between myself and the company I would be interviewing with. JPM Partners guided me through my entire interview process, providing me with essential information for a first time interviewee like myself. I had a great experience with JPM Partners and would highly recommend this group to any job.
    Spencer Murray Business Development at Mimeo
  • I would recommend Jessica to anyone expecting to work with someone who authentically cares and aims to match both sides of the equation for every position she fills. She takes great pride in providing only the highest quality candidates that will peak in performance, because they are matched to a culture in which they will thrive. Jessica performs a comprehensive matching process to ensure a win for both sides. Any company would be wise (and more profitable) to work with Jessica Magoch.
    Gary Germaine SVP of Sales and Development at Bizintex, Inc.
  • The overall recruiting experience with JPM Partners was amazing. They were very helpful through the whole process.
    Allen Amiel
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 It's time to make your wildest sales fantasies come true. 

About JPM Sales Partners

JPM Sales Partners is a Luxury Sales Coaching Conservatory. Sales Musicology™️ is the sound barrier-breaking new method that harnesses the transformative power of music to make your wildest sales fantasies come true.

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